I wanted to share this amazing story from LA Times and UpWorthy. Truly heartbreaking journey of one young immigrant boy and his incredibly difficult life here in America. Probably not to dissimilar to millions upon millions of immigrants that have come to this country to start anew. Whatever your politics, this is a human story not a political one. The boy came to America for a better life. That’s our promise as a nation. That’s who we are! Always have been.

For me, the part of the story that I would like to your draw attention to is what happens to the boy once this article appears in the LA Times. How people responded to this boy’s circumstances reinforces a lot of the good I see everyday that often gets overlooked in the narrative of the times we live in now. Too often, and so much lately, we read about what is wrong about America. And for sure there is a lot that needs to be fixed and there is a great deal of hate, fear and pain out there.

Now, more than ever though, we need to remember what’s great about our country and get involved to help others wherever we can and be a force for positive change in our town, community, faith and in the world.

In these times of uncertainty, pain and suffering, to quote one of my heroes, the activist and singer/songwriter Harry Chapin, “Do Something.”

And that’s the call Americans respond to every single day. And what we can’t ever lose sight of. Now more than ever!

Here’s the story and the video….



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