(Spoiler alert, I use the word “stuff” alot in this blog:)

Stuff on the outside. Stuff on the inside.

Most of us see one or the other. I have come to understand how closely connected they truly are.

I was never someone who liked or pursued “stuff”. No bling for me. Sure, I liked stuff but I never placed value on it. I always tried to live without clutter around me and keep things simple. I was also never motivated by money — instead, it was about achieving something within myself — so the pursuit of stuff was never a goal of mine.

But while I tried to live that way as much as I could, I, too, was guilty of saying “that is cool and would be nice to have one of those” and had my share of clothes I never wore, a few electronic gadgets I never used and so forth. But over the last few years I really became so much more aware of how much stuff even someone like me who hates stuff had. And so slowly and surely I am getting rid of as much as I can (simply giving it all away) and getting down to just the essential basics and it’s so friggen liberating!

After really studying minimalism and practicing meditation daily, I also began to truly understand that the more simple my surroundings, the clearer my brain. Practicing mindfulness was a huge breakthrough in that regard as well. By really focusing on each moment and not allowing myself to think of the future (or the past), my thoughts about what I may need or want simply disappeared.

I can honestly say that as a result of focusing on removing stuff on the inside and out, I have been more clear in my thoughts, more focused at everything I do and able to be present in every minute as never before.

I have come across so much amazing content about the subject of minimalism that I wanted to keep this blog entry shorter than most (trust me I know:) and therefore wanted to encourage you to watch and read other people’s thoughts on this topic more than mine.

And so I share these items below in the hopes that you take the time to check them out and that they inspire you in some meaningful way. Really amazing insights and stories…

The Minimalists are incredible! Check out their website website but also this doc is a must see…


One of my favorite bloggers James Altucher has taken minimalism to the extreme, but he really drives home the point in this blog.

Another amazing film…here is the trailer but you should watch on Netflix etc…

An awesome book on minimalism by one of the guys featured in the Minimalism movie.

And finally, I found this wonderful blog entry that I thought was a really thoughtful way about just being grateful for what you have and really understanding the concept of “having enough”.





2 thoughts on “Stuff.

  1. Thank you for this latest post. You continue to inspire me with each post. You’ve inspired me clean out the clutter physically ( in my house) and mentally and spiritually as well.


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