An Amazing Example of Someone Who Removed Their Mask and Changed The World…

As a follow up to my blog  yesterday on living an authentic life, I was so inspired and moved by this video of the Founder of Charity:Water that I thought I would share it. Truly an extraordinary tale of someone who was “succeeding” but ultimately not living their own truth and, as a result, went out to find his true calling in life. Scott Harrison’s story inspires me to continue to make sure my own life has meaning and purpose and to really want to make a difference in the world as well. I hope you will watch it and be as moved as I was…



2 thoughts on “An Amazing Example of Someone Who Removed Their Mask and Changed The World…

  1. Sumi Kim

    Omg, I finally had a chance to sit down and watch this. I can’t stop crying! It’s so amazing. It’s funny bc I always seem to read your blog right when it fits into what’s going on in my life right now. I have been doing a lot of volunteering in my community lately and thinking about the next phase of my life now that the kids are getting older & almost ready for college (YIKES!). I have thought of whether to go back to work, etc. but after much thought & soul searching, I decided that I want to dedicate the rest of my life to service. I feel fortunate that I do not need to work for financial purposes but feel I have so much to offer the world. Anyway, long story short, I want to start traveling to different parts of the world to help a variety of causes. For my first trip I am planning to go to Thailand to a Buddhist monastery to teach young monks English. I really would love to go with someone and You are the first person I thought of. Would you be interested? If so, Please call me when you have time so we can chat about it.


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