Thought For Food.

I started writing this blog earlier this year as a way to share the things I am learning, reading and experiencing on my journey of self-discovery. My simple hope was that by sharing these discoveries, perhaps you, too, might also find something here to help on your own journey.

In the process, I have tried really hard not to preach, not to lecture, never to judge and instead, sincerely try to help people who I care about.  In the process, I always try to show my own pain and challenges and what I learn about myself, as well as the tools I discover that help me — all as a way to try to help others.

My quest over the past few years has been to find the true meaning of happiness, discover my own spirituality, experience less stress and anxiety, enjoy better health and understand the true meaning of life. And I keep searching. I keep reading. I keep watching. I keep listening. And hopefully, I keep growing and evolving on my path to leading the authentic life I desire. It’s been an amazing journey of self-discovery over the past few years as I shed by “mask” and really bare my soul to anyone who will listen. And what has been the greatest discovery has been the number of people who have reached out to me, as a result of this blog, who suffer with many of the things I have struggled with.

And so I continue to learn, discover, and hopefully, grow.

And now, to the topic of this week’s blog…food.

When I was a kid, my family ate like shit. Really. We had no foundation for healthy eating whatsoever. It was fast food, takeout, junk food or the Sunday night dinner “special” which was pizza or the super rich, cheese-filled Italian food from our local restaurant. If it was bad for you, we ate it. Maybe it was because it was the 1970’s. Most likely it was my crazy family. Perhaps a combination of the two.

And sadly we paid the price. My dad suffered from heart disease most of his adult life. He lost his mom at a young age to a stroke. And many more health consequences inflicted my family.

For me, I realized in my early 20’s that I didn’t want to repeat that pattern of unhealthy living and eating. I did my best to eat well. I exercised regularly. And I lived this way into my early 40’s. Then something changed. I just got tired of feeling sluggish and tired. I felt lethargic alot. And I got sick so often (common colds & viruses) that I was tired of never feeling great. My cholesterol wasn’t great either.

So I just decided to give up all meat…pork, chicken and steak. While I loved meat, it was easy actually. I became a and veggies only.  And since then, probably 10-12 years ago (lost track), I haven’t had one cold (knock on wood), never felt better and have the energy of my younger self. And I take almost no meds and my cholesterol is great too!

And yet I realized I could do better. I could continue to get healthier with my diet, a tougher exercise regiment and just as importantly, really try and manage my stress.

As I continued to seek better dietary tweaks for my health,  I heard about this documentary called What The Health and I was blown away. I saw how much more I could change my diet. And I did. Immediately.

I don’t want to preach about diet and food. I am not one of those who will show you photos of animals being inhumanely slaughtered, etc. My main concern is my health yours. How you feel and how you live. And if I can share something with you that has helped me feel better, that’s my purpose.

And so, I hope you will watch this documentary And even if you don’t subscribe to all of it right way, or ever, hopefully it will make you pause and think. For me, that’s what the real purpose of this blog is.




4 thoughts on “Thought For Food.

  1. Sumi Kim

    Hi Mike!
    Yes!!! I made the whole family watch the documentary after my sister told me about it. We immediately changed our diet: processed meat and dairy are completely out as well as all meats. Seafood is my only splurge when I go out to restaurants every so often but I’m working on phasing that out too. It’s been almost 2 weeks and I feel so good. I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would! There are so many great vegan recipes out there, it’s like discovering a whole new cuisine!
    The other component of that documentary that struck me was the adverse effect on the environment. It’s crazy how supporting the animal eating industry reeks havoc on our ecosystem. Eating animals just feels bad physically, emotionally, morally and karmically! It Is definitely appropriate to be talking about this within the topic of spirituality…we can help change the negative karma of the earth. Thanks for spreading the word,



    1. Wow, thats really great you expose to your kids too Sumi. I think the more we can educate and expose our kids to things like this the better they can make their own informed decisions in life so that is awesome you watched this with them.

      Thanks Sumi!!!


  2. Can’t leave out all the canned food we used to eat. Yuck. I can hardly imagine what harmful chemicals were in the cans even before you think about the food inside of them. Thanks for another inspired thoughtful blog post!!!


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