Jim Carrey Has Lost His Mind.

And it’s a beautiful thing!

I remember recently reading a lot of news about Jim Carrey. Not very flattering either. This is just one of literally hundreds of news stories and social media posts about him lately…

“OK, I’m worried that Jim Carrey will be the next Robin Williams. He is just babbling whenever he talks lately. He is making no sense whatsoever. He doesn’t seem drugged or even drunk. He just seems……lost……down.”

“He needs to go buy an island and live on it for a while. Come back when you cheer up, Jim. Sure, you’re a clown in real terms. And I’m sure that gets old. But just own it. Don’t take yourself, or life in general, too seriously. Cheer up, big guy. Go paint some happy trees (supposedly he’s a good painter).”

What’s this all about? Well, simply, Jim was doing some media interviews and he was talking about things most “celebrities” don’t talk about on the red carpet. Here is the main clip that had people questioning his mental health and notice how this media station uses words like “bizarre” “kooky” and questions whether he is on drugs…

For me, everything Jim spoke about made complete and utter sense. He clearly has arrived at a place that I often think about as well. The place where the “ego” and sense of “self” disappear and you realize that everything in life is impermanent and that “there really is no me.” Perhaps this does sound a bit bizarre. I actually think however, it’s the most liberating, freeing, transformative source of knowledge one can obtain. Here is more from Jim on his own personal journey and illumination…

When I began my own journey of self-discovering, mostly through Buddhism, mindfulness and meditation, one of the most important discoveries was the idea that my own ego was the thing that was preventing me from finally escaping years of anxiety, self-doubt and stress. I realized that I was tethered to all of these crazy thoughts that I would ruminate about all day and all night. Once I discovered the tools to let them go, I saw that it was all about my own sense of self and ego that were preventing me from realizing a life of true happiness and peace.

For many of us, these fears, insecurities, sensitivities, preferences and suffering were not real in the sense that they weren’t material objects. They were just our ego talking. And to reach that sense of nirvana, the real truth lies in understanding that all that matters is seeing the beauty in everything and everyone. And looking beyond our own “ego”. Eliminating any sense of expectation in my personal connections.

For me, recognizing that my thoughts weren’t really “me” and were mostly imaginary tales I would construct was a great breakthrough for me. And subsequently practicing mindfulness gave me the insights, freedom and ultimate knowledge that the real purpose in this life isn’t material things or emotional victories, but bearing witness to all of the amazing gifts and beauty in people’s souls and in the natural beauty that surrounds us. And when you see that, you realize that the personal struggles between us, the material pressures we place on ourselves and the quest for self-rewards are simply meaningless in the scheme of things.

Now I walk through life unaware of me. Unaware of myself. Not conscious of my thoughts. In love with the energy of the people I meet and the experiences of everyday life. Not looking in the past, nor looking in the future. And few people really understand this but Jim Carrey certainly does. To really comprehend how he has transformed himself and come to the knowledge that we aren’t our physical bodies or the thoughts that come to define who we are and how we live, Jim made this extraordinary documentary called Jim and Andy on Netflix.

It’s one of the most incredible things I have seen, and also, at times, hard to watch. But it illuminates the amazing transformation of Jim’s view of himself, humanity and the meaning of it all.

Jim Carrey has lost his mind, and so have I! You should try it, it’s amazing actually!



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